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Where is the applause?

I have realised what is missing from my life (and no, it is NOT exercise. What a rude thing to suggest.)

No, my life is missing applause! This amazing realization hit me while I was watching a live musical performance recently, a rendition that was so phenomenal that the audience rose to their feet, cheering and whistling and begging for more.

And that’s when it dawned on me - how amazing would it be if I received a standing ovation each time I met a deadline, responded to a difficult mail, or wrote a particularly good article? Why, I would be inspired to reach new heights!

FYI – Stephen just told me that I am being ridiculous and that it would be far more beneficial if my life came with subtitles (so he can understand what the hell I am trying to say), or a soundtrack (so he can vacate the premises whenever he hears any JAWS-type music signaling the onset of PMS). God, he makes me sound so high-maintenance!


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