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What I Have Cried About Today

Right, so I had COMPLETELY forgotten how emotionally messed up new moms are for those first few weeks - and I am only at the end of week 1.

So far today, I have cried about:

1. The fact that I love Isabella so much.

2. Grey's Anatomy from Monday night - sniff.

3. Sky News - especially the father in New Zealand who was eaten by a shark. And the one presenter's awful haircut.

4. My new lounge cushions (we bought the small tapestries in France and I had them sewn into cushions - what a beautiful reminder of the beautiful day we had there. Sniff - there I go again...)

5. How much I miss Stephen - who is at work and due home any minute.

6. How amazing Kayla is. And how horribly strict I am.

7. The fact that we have run out of tea.

And it is only 3.20pm....


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