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Unraveling the Male Mind

Ever wondered how to let a guy down easy when you just aren’t that into him? The Male Panel have the answers to get you out of that sticky situation. Plus, they have some questions of their own about us women!

Question 1: I've met this guy and gave him my phone number without really thinking. And now he keeps calling/texting/whatsapp'ing me and asking me out. How do I get rid of him without hurting his feelings?

Joe: Stop answering. Stop replying. That's the LOUDEST (and most painful) message we can 'receive'. Hurt his feelings. Who cares? Sorry fellow panel members, but guys like this ruin it for all of us. If he hasn't figured out how to hack your phone's camera to stalk you, he doesn't deserve happiness.

Shaun: He’s going to feel pretty crappy no matter what. Think of it like this - if someone did the same to you, what would you want? Probably honesty. Tell him you’re not keen on dating right now. He’ll know it’s a lie but at least it’s better than “let’s just be friends.” That line is about as believable as a hung-over teen telling his parents that his illness is due to a bad pizza. If he keeps pestering you once you’ve stated that you’re not keen, then you can be a bit bolder and even use bigger lies. I’d mention that you want to see him naked so that you can see if the penis he has is as big as the one you had before the operation. That should scare him off. If not, move.

Peter: Why did you give him your phone number? Learn from this. Don’t f*** with our feelings. You owe this dude some honesty and gentleness. And your abject, groveling, humble sackcloth-and-ashes apologies. You see, this is what women do – you toy with us. So STOP it. All of you.

Question 2: The girls always get to ask the questions in Femail. If you had one question that YOU would like to ask a panel of women – what would it be?

Joe: What is the best way to "pick you up"? Classic one-liners? Having the nerdy wingman make us look good? Help!

Shaun: If you tell us that looks are not important, why then does George Clooney cause more arousal than me? Is it because he has one of those cool coffee machines and a beard? I’m willing to upgrade from Frisco and would be more than happy not to shave.

Peter: Why must you make everything so bloody complicated? Why?


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