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This Month's Must Read!

I blame my NFS (New Friend Sarah) for recommending Sharp Objects - a book that gripped me from the first page and rendered me completely unsociable and unproductive until the very last page. When I decided that I may need therapy. 

Author Gillian Flynn is perhaps better known for her bestseller, Gone Girl (I'm going to see the movie version on Friday night - can't wait!), a book so disturbing that I never thought to check any of Flynn's previous works. Enter my NFS and a quick trip to Exclusive books. And an anti-social two days while I read Sharp Objects, her debut novel!

First up, Flynn tends to enjoy creating seemingly normal stories that completely unnerve you for no apparent reason. And it's this exact narrative that readers of Sharp Objects will find so unsettling - because other than two girls who have gone missing in small-town Missouri and who have later been found dead, there is very little on-the-surface violence that takes place in the book. Just a sense that perhaps reporter Camille Preaker should not have gone back home to cover the story, and that perhaps her family is not as picture-perfect as they seem, and the realization that her body shouldn't actually be covered with scars from words she has carved into her skin over the years... words such as "nasty" on her kneecap, "wicked" above her hipbone, and "harmful" on her wrist...

And just when you think you have it all figured out, you turn the page and come to the horrifying conclusion that you are wrong. And that the truth is so much worse that you had imagined.

Haunting, unforgettable and completely gripping, Sharp Objects is a brilliant read!

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