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The baby is apparently rather large!

Right, so we have just returned from my 34-week check up with the news that Baby NT is measuring 1 - 2 weeks ahead and that she may come earlier than expected.

She also has a rather large head! It was at this point that I thanked God Himself for inventing Caesars (after being in labour with Kayla for 13 hours before needing an Emergency Caesar, they are going right ahead with the surgery this time around. Something that both my Vajayjay and I are extremely grateful for!) I also had to submit to the dreaded weigh-in - supposedly so that the doctor can keep an eye out for gestational diabetes, but personally I think they just like to watch pregnant woman squirm with embarrassment. According to Dr C, I am obviously "thriving" (doctor-speak for "I see someone didn't skimp on chocolate croissants while in France, you greedy pig,"), which means that both the baby AND I are rather large. Maybe I should go for a long walk as soon as I have finished this slice of cake? Well, two slices actually as the baby also wants one...


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