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The Guys Tell it to Us Straight

The guys fill us in on what we need to know when it comes to complicated dating and whether or not to turn down the bickering.

I dated a guy for about two months, but he then met someone else and started dating her. However, he still sends me VERY flirtatious emails (no phone calls or SMS's though)? Is he just wanting to keep me on the back burner or is he still interested in me?

Joe: You've definitely been moved to the back burner. But is that a bad thing? If you like him, is it short-changing yourself to accept that he might come back? If we're realistic, we'll admit that we all don't look like Shelli NT, so it might be okay if we get trumped once in a while. Let's be patient and keep our options open. I'm assuming you weren't serious yet. If he was getting serious with you and ditched you in the middle of that, then reply to his emails saying he has to choose. He's either all-in with you, or he must piss off.

Steve: If by “interested” you mean “still wants to sleep with me” then yes. In fact, he is probably VERY interested in you, if only for one reason.

Carl: Ag shame Blondie! I’m sure even you can work out why he doesn’t use his phone to contact you. Move on babe.

Do you prefer a relationship that is smooth sailing or one where you fight passionately?

Joe: Smooth sailing definitely beats the conflict and troubled relationship. But again, if you're not Jennifer Love Hewitt, you can't be picky either. Play the hand you're dealt before you end up with 11 cats scaring the neighbourhood kids.

Steve: To quote a popular web figure, “Fightin’? Ain’t nobody got time for that!” 

Carl: Depends. If she has any martial arts training I’d probably opt for smooth sailing.


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