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The 411 Straight From The Male Panel

Ever wondered if it's normal to have secrets while in a relationship, or if it is possible to remain friends with someone you once dated? The men give us the 411 on these tricky situations.

Do you think it is possible to be friends with your ex?

Steve: Yes, but the minute the other starts dating you’ll feel a sense of loss and miss that person all over again. Particularly the part where you get to have no-strings-attached sex.

Joe: No. Once you've had feelings for someone, there is ALWAYS a chance that any "friendship" will escalate quickly. But don't become a crazy person screaming at your boyfriend if he still talks to his ex. Speak about it ... sometimes he might like your jealousy.

Peter: Ex what? Wives and girlfriends, absolutely. (You can tell who they are in a crowd, by the way they smile secretly, nostalgically, and sexily – well the ones under 75, anyway.) Ex corporals, most ex bosses, and that f***ing senile paranoid woman who tried to get me fired once, not so much.

When is it okay (if ever) to have secrets in a relationship?

Steve: If one party has a penchant for bank fraud, the other should keep their ATM pin code safe.

Joe: If any piece of information will jeopardise the relationship, it should be kept a secret. An omission isn't a lie. If you can't keep secrets then you should rather not do anything bad, or come clean with your partner. If you're a pathological liar and can easily fake orgasms, go ahead and don't tell him.

Peter: Well, if it’s not okay, then I’d say that 98.93% of all relationships are terminally stuffed.



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