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Silly is the New Sexy!

Tall, dark and handsome are not the only traits a woman looks for in man; although this is often left out of cheesy magazine polls, most women when asked will still tell you that laughter is a sure fire way to their hearts. With this in mind, the Femail team has put together a few classic moments from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, one of our favourite funny-men. He also recently became a daddy, so that's the Trifecta for the perfect man right there - funny, paternal, cute! He also seems to have a bro-mance going with two other cuties - Justin Timberlake and the unbelievably gorgeous Channing Tatum. Need we say more? Watch 'em and weep!

When They Couldn’t Hair Less

Those of you that know me can attest to the fact that I like men to err more on the side of looking rugged than looking girly. Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for men looking after themselves, but do admit to getting a little nervous when they have more products on their bathroom shelves than I do! There IS a fine line though, and when your man starts looking more Homeless than Hunky, it’s time to step in and demand he gets his facial hair firmly under control!

Enter Byron – finder of all things fabulous around the country – who has put together this rather fab list of places for your man to get his hair cut, beard trimmed, and ears and nostrils waxed. These are also great places to get YOUR eyebrows threaded – a much better option to waxing and plucking (I go to the Hair Colonel)!

Proof That Wine Is Good For You!

My GFK (Good Friend Kerry) sent this to me and I loved it so much I just HAD to share it with you! Needless to say, I shall be chatting to my pharmacist real soon!

"Fried" Honey Bananas

I am almost embarrassed to post this recipe because it is so unbelievably easy. But having made it last night for Stephen and Kayla who were rummaging through the cupboards looking for something "desserty" after supper, I have to admit that it is a complete WIN! And ... it's pretty healthy too!

Weight A Second

WHY (I ask you with tears in my eyes) is it so hard for men to understand the concept of Fat Pants? After trying for at least half an hour to explain the concept to Stephen this weekend, he still looked at me with a completely blank expression that made me wonder if I might be losing my marbles.

An Absolute Steal!

I am so excited! This is, without a doubt, the most exciting thing that has happened to me in years. I am actually <DRUMROLL> the victim of Credit Card Fraud! 

Yes, yours truly has somehow had her credit card cloned and to date, the fake credit card has run up a bill of over six thousand rand at various stores in the South of Joburg! 

I am BESIDE myself with excitement. 

And concern.

Broccoli Salad

This is another one of my mom-in-law's recipes that she has graciously allowed to be shared across the length and breadth of the Internet. I hope you realise how both my mom-in-law and I should be sainted for so generously sharing these recipes instead of keeping them for ourselves - *cue lots of pats on the back*! This is absolutely divine when served at a braai or as an accompaniment to a meal.

Becoming a Nag Hag

Friends of mine were chatting the other night (also known as sobbing into their third Mojito) about the fact that their men will rarely do anything around the house without being asked. At least six times. And I have to admit that I was stunned. How on earth could we have been friends for so long without my having imparted my surefire method of getting men to "do stuff"?

Aunty Marie's Pumpkin Fritters

So, it was my birthday this weekend and I had a gadjillion people round for a lunchtime braai on Saturday. (We missed you, by the way!) Despite having THE most phenomenal Lamb-On-The-Spit, Portuguese Chicken, Pasta Salad, Green Salads, White Chocolate Cheesecake, and my friend Rina's delicious Creme Caramel, the hero of the entire celebration was definitely my mom-in-law's Pumpkin Fritters. In fact, they were so amazing that people were going back for seconds before some people had even had their firsts!

Til Death Us Do Part (or until Stephen kills me!)

I am a hopeless romantic and am always asking married couples how they met and when they knew this was "the one"... I absolutely ADORE hearing how couples met and the often convoluted path to their getting together .... But when people ask Stephen and I how WE met ... well, it just doesn't sound that exciting ....