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11 Things Every Parent Should Know

My AFJ (Amazing Friend Jacqui) shared this article on Facebook the other day and I have to admit to reading the entire article twice! Such amazing wisdom from a paediatrician who has probably seen it all in his 25 years. Please read it if you have 5 minutes - it will be one of the most powerful things you read all week!

I Couldn't Hair Less!

I have to admit that being a woman is completely and utterly exhausting. I've gotten to the point where I need to color my hair every six weeks to prevent my "silver highlights" from making me look like Kayla's granny. (In fact, Kayla is usually the one to point it out to me in her usual up-front manner - "Mommy, you need to go and see Clive TODAY because I can see a LOT of grey and it does NOT look good!)

The Male Panel: How To Get A Man’s Attention And Why Tears Are Kryptonite For Men!

I love being able to climb inside the minds of men - I really do think our panel should be sainted for their honesty each week! Today, I asked them what it is about a woman that catches their attention, and how they feel when their better half cries!

Gift Ideas for Teachers

One of my readers sent me a mail last week asking if I have ANY ideas to share on end-of-year gifts for teachers. Now, seeing as though I was part of the teaching profession for four glorious years (some of the happiest of my life, in fact), I have a few stand-out gifts I can recommend. Add that to an opinion poll on Facebook and some time spent surfing the Internet, and I think I have a fairly comprehensive list of ideas that may help those of you that are feeling a little stuck!

Three, Two, One, And... Catastrophe!

There is always that one moment before something catastrophic happens that you WISH you could have caught on camera! Well, luckily for some, these pictures below were not only captured, but also circulated on the Internet. LOVE IT!

Christmas Flavoured Popcorn

I spent THE most amazing evening last night at Macaroon's Christmas Workshop, and came away completely inspired! With stunning tips on Scandinavian-themed decor, how to celebrate Christmas at the beach and gorgeous ideas on wrapping Christmas presents, my FFA (Fabulous Friend Amanda) and I spent the entire time sighing with delight and wishing we could do everything!

We were also given a few stunning recipes to try, which of course I will be sharing with you! (I'm sure the team at Macaroon won't mind, especially if I tell you that their new shop in Greenside is phenomenal. You can either order your personalized stationery online or pop in and see the items in person before ordering. You can also buy non-personalised goodies immediately. Did I mention that they also deliver? See why I love them so much?)

Signs You Are Getting Old

I'm not sure if having an 8 month old baby has made me feel older or just LOOK older, but there are definitely a few more wrinkles than there were this time last year. I also get overwhelmingly excited at the prospect of an early night with my book - as opposed to spending a night out on the town with friends. Sad, isn't it?

If, like me, you feel the years are catching up with you, here are a few helpful checklists to help you REALLY feel your age!

Buying Presents for Men Made Easy – Online!

I am one of those annoying people that likes to get her Christmas shopping done early! There is nothing worse than screaming around the Mall right before Christmas, trying frantically to find something that says "I have put loads of thought into this gift, even though it was actually bought yesterday!" That being said, I always battle to find really great gifts for men and am always on the lookout for much-needed advice!

Enter Byron, our resident Male Guru, who has made it his personal mission to find fabulous gift suggestions for men - and they're all online! So you can sit back, browse and order, and then wait for your gifts to be delivered - all without battling the tedious mall crowd. (You can click on the images below to read more about the actual gift, or to buy!)

What's On My Bedside Table

I have come to the realization that life is just too short to read books that don't absolutely engross me. When you think of the volumes of books that are available and the limited time we have to read them, it makes no sense whatsoever to keep ploughing through mediocre books!

PMS Could Win You A Prize This week!

Let's be honest, we have all experienced the enormous power of PMS in getting men and small children to perform extraordinary feats (such as actually changing the toilet roll or hanging up wet bath towels). Which got me to thinking. What if we were to collectively harness PMS and use it to eradicate Rhino Poaching?