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&*ck Shop Duty

One of my greatest childhood traumas is that my mother never signed up for tuck shop duty. Never mind the fact that the poor woman ran her own business, looked after 3 children and taxied us to and from a zillion extra mural activities each afternoon, I have never quite recovered from the deep psychological scars that resulted from her absence from the tuck shop roster.

14 Steps To Follow Before You Have Children

It’s way too late for many of us, but these “14 Steps To Follow Before You Have Children” had me SCREAMING with laughter!

Male Panel

The men in our life provide us with yet more pearls of wisdom.

White Chocolate and Walnut Cookies

My friend Allison gave me one of my favourite-ever cookbooks – The Golden Book of Cookies – which makes me happy just looking at the pictures! And the best part is that every single recipe works, and works brilliantly. That being said, these White Chocolate and Walnut Cookies are my absolute best, especially as I can get Kayla to roll them into balls for me while I lick the bowl before she can get her grubby little paws on it.

The Toddler Miracle Diet

Throw away all those diet books people, the new Toddler Miracle Diet will help you lose the weight. And all your marbles.


How to prepare for a Gynae Appointment?

I have never quite grasped the intricacies of preparing for a gynae appointment, especially as mine tend to fall quite routinely on Special Days.


Laugh Of The Week

Laugh it off!

I just had to share these Friday Funnies with you. Go on have a good snort!

Male Panel - Women Explained

Our male panel gives us the 411 on women (this should be good!)


Shelli NT’s Favourite White Chocolate Cheesecake

I am a hopeless cook, which is rather sad seeing as though I simply adore TV cooking shows and recipe books. I just can’t handle all the chopping, frying, stirring and cleaning up afterwards – it is too exhausting for words. But all that changes when it comes to baking – I LOVE baking with every fibre of my increasingly chubby being.