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Matt Preston's Best-Ever Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese (when done right) is one of the best midweek staples - and Kayla happens to think mine is better than Stephen's! i used to follow a recipe that contained milk - odd I know, but it does result in a rather silky texture - but this one has become my favourite since I discovered it earlier this year! AND there are leftovers to freeze for a second meal, which makes my heart very happy!

The Truth About Pregnancy

What they don't tell you about pregnancy!

Male Panel - The men give it to me straight

Once again I got the men to give it to me straight - and they really didn't hold back!

Chicken Normandy

As you know, I am a terrible cook (but a magnificent baker) so when I saw this recipe for Chicken Normandy in Food & Home Entertaining (May 2012) I was surprised at how tempted I was to make it. To be fair, I was a little "homesick" after a wonderful 2 weeks in France last year, one of which was in Normandy, hence how quick I was to give this a try.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

She Drives For A Relationship. He's Lost In The Transmission

(By Dave Barry)

Contrary to what many women believe, it's fairly easy to develop a long-term, stable, intimate, and mutually fulfilling relationship with a guy. Of course this guy has to be a Labrador retriever. With human guys, it's extremely difficult. This is because guys don't really grasp what women mean by the term relationship.

Hard (But Hilarious) Truths

Once again we asked our male panel to enlighten us about the femail brain. 

Killing Us or Making Us Stronger?

It HONESTLY seemed like such a simple little job. So simple that I hesitated to even call it "renovating". You know, just a bit of bashing down - a wall here and another wall there, and erecting a more stable patio roof (FYI - Stephen still gets the giggles every time I say "erecting").


Meeting Val McDermid

I am such a fan of Val McDermid. Not only does she write THE most spine-tingling, thought-provoking and page-turning novels, but she also somehow manages to keep you guessing to the very last page.

Careering down the corporate ladder

Hi Shelli,

Any advice for climbing the career ladder? I seem to be stuck!