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Okay, so having babies is bloody expensive


As we speak, I am seriously missing being able to drink wine. You see, not only have I bought about HALF of what I need for the baby's arrival and just about passed out from the amount that was deducted from my credit card, but I have also just priced prams!

The baby is apparently rather large!

Right, so we have just returned from my 34-week check up with the news that Baby NT is measuring 1 - 2 weeks ahead and that she may come earlier than expected.

A good mother or a pathetic one?

Right, so Kayla started Grade 1 today and I have never been more proud. Or more sad.

Things to Make You Giggle

I just had to share this fresh batch of funnies with you!

Hilarious Product Reviews!

Men do the darndest things, usually at the urging of their buddies, and with clear disapproval from us women. These reviews were submitted by gents who decided to try out Veet hair removal cream for Men. (Ensure you have tissues close by because you WILL cry... with laughter).

Male Panel - From the minds of men

The guys give us yet another humorous look into the male mind.

Shelli's Easy Peasy Mince Pies


Let's be honest, there are very few Mince Pies that can beat Woolies' selection. But i have to say that there is simply no substitute for homemade. Some years, I have made my own fruit mince, and it really is rather fabulous. But this year I am using the ready-made version and have to say that it is just as good. I just add a little more whiskey….

Sleeping Beauty


I have come up with an idea so completely brilliant that Oprah is going to come out of retirement just to interview me! You see, medicine has progressed so much recently that doctors are now able to place people in a medically induced coma. And while this is most often used for victims of a near-drowning incident, the opportunities (in my opinion anyway) are endless!

Peggy Sue

Looking back at when I was pregnant with Kayla, I have to wonder if I lost my mind in the last few months before she was born. Like when I allowed myself to be convinced that placing clothes pegs on my baby toes could help turn her from a breech position so that I wouldn't have to have a Caesar….

Rolling on the Floor Laughing

Can't stop laughing at these halarious funnies!