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For those last-minute baking needs!


Eeeeep - so my mom-in-law is flying overseas tonight and is popping in for tea this afternoon before her flight. So of course I have prepared a gorgeous chocolate cake, have fresh flowers all over the house and have purchased gifts for her to take to my sister-in-law in the UK. Not.

Inside the Male Mind

Straight from the horses' mouths - find out what men really think about love, dating and nagging!

Another Insightful Update from Our Male Panel

The Male Panel inform us on their thoughts about what adds that little bit of strain to a relationship and whether or not monogamy is outdated.

Giggles Galore!

Here are some funny pictures to give you that much needed giggle after a long and hard week!

Garth’s Tart

I am an enormous fan of self-medicating with food (which is possibly why I am quite enormous right now), but I defy anyone to feel even SLIGHTLY depressed after eating a slice of this incredible dessert. Or the whole thing, really....

Tickle Your Funny Bone!

To get you into the mood for the weekend, have a good laugh with this week's pick of funnies! 

Reasons My Son Is Crying Tumblr – The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today!

if you have ever seen a small child sobbing uncontrollably and wondered what could possibly illicit that kind of response, then you have to check out this hilarious photographic series on Tumblr.

These genius parents have chronicled their son in varying crying stages, and have posted the reasons for each cry-fest. Seriously kid - First World problems!

We have included a few snippets below, and encourage you to view the full post here. This is such a brilliant idea for a 21st!

Hi My Name is Shelli and I Am Addicted To Storage...

I don't know WHAT is up with me at the moment, but I have developed a rather strange obsession with storage solutions! If I was a deep and meaningful person, I might start wondering if this sudden need to create order and calm in my house is a reaction to the emotional chaos a new baby can bring. But the truth is that I just LOVE the feeling of satisfaction a tidy cupboard can bring! (Hey, I never said I was NORMAL, did I?)

The Ultimate Winter Comfort Food!

Oh my greatness. I made this on Sunday and have to say that it is THE most delicious winter soup (although it's not very watery so I think it's more like a stew!) Stephen had two bowls of the stuff

The Guys Tell it to Us Straight

The guys fill us in on what we need to know when it comes to complicated dating and whether or not to turn down the bickering.