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What NOT to Buy Your Man for Father's Day!

Men are SO high maintenance. Seriously. Take Father's Day, for example when 75 million women worldwide wander aimlessly through their local shopping malls looking for a gift that is both thoughtful

You’ve Got Male

Ever wanted to know what men really think about when it comes to sex, anniversaries and more? Me either. But in the interests of research, I asked my Male Panel a few pertinent questions....

Your Friday Giggle!

Life is too short to be taken seriously, so here are a few more funnies upon which to feast!

Giggle of the Week

Here is this week's selection of funny pictures to get you off to a laughing start into the weekend!

Weighty Issues

Maths has never really been my strong point. Oh, don't get me wrong, I know all my times' tables, can recite many of my old theorems and can even add up all my purchases at Woolies to the very cent …

But this whole baby weight thing has got me going around in circles!

The 411 Straight From The Male Panel

Ever wondered if it's normal to have secrets while in a relationship, or if it is possible to remain friends with someone you once dated? The men give us the 411 on these tricky situations.

Why do I even bother?

I have to admit that I have been incredibly lucky with my first child - and other than that horrific time when she painted the beautiful dark hardwood floors in her bedroom YELLOW (and almost met St Peter at The Pearly Gates two minutes later), I really haven't had a moment's trouble with her. But recently, I have begun to see a slight form of rebellion in that she will do the absolute bare minimum required while still doing as she is told.


I must admit to having slight OCD tendencies - something my mother tells me began when I was a baby. Apparently she used to put me down for a nap with a whole pile of books at the bottom of my cot so that I could read until I was drowsy. About half an hour later, she would come and check on me, only to find me fast asleep with all the books neatly arranged in height order! One of my favourite things to do as a child was ALWAYS to rearrange my bedroom or organise the kitchen cupboards (lucky mother!) I even arranged her spices by colour and then alphabetically!

Best-Ever Toffee Sauce

This has to be THE yummiest Toffee Sauce ever - serve spooned over ice-cream, waffles or pancakes (or eat it with a spoon!) Even better - it takes just 6 minutes to prepare!

The Male Panel on Marriage and Conflict!

The Male Panel lets us in on what they think marriage is and what they believe is the best way to resolve conflict within a relationship.