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Okay, so having babies is bloody expensive


As we speak, I am seriously missing being able to drink wine. You see, not only have I bought about HALF of what I need for the baby's arrival and just about passed out from the amount that was deducted from my credit card, but I have also just priced prams!

Holy Cow but they are expensive. Not only do you need the pram, but also the car chair and the thingummy that attaches the car chair to the car - and for some weird reason, all the light and easy-to-fold prams are also the most expensive.

I have to admit that I am feeling a slight sense of DR (Donator's Remorse) that I gave Kayla's old pram to someone that really needed it, and am wondering if I can exchange a kidney for a new one? Or if I should just carry the baby everywhere in a sling and pretend I am the best kind of Earth Mother who is all gung-ho when it comes to attachment parenting. The mind boggles.


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