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Meeting Val McDermid

I am such a fan of Val McDermid. Not only does she write THE most spine-tingling, thought-provoking and page-turning novels, but she also somehow manages to keep you guessing to the very last page.

Last week, I was privileged/ spoilt/ lucky enough to meet Val in person, and ended up chatting to her for more than an hour and a half about everything from books, children and her life as an author, to how disturbed she was about how we South Africans all live behind security gates, electric fences and high walls. (FYI - It all made sense when she told me more about HER home in a village in Scotland where she leaves the front door unlocked in case the postman needs to deliver a parcel and place it on her kitchen table!)

I was quite curious about how she goes about writing her novels, and developing a story line that is gripping from the very first page. And her answer was fascinating - "Basically", she said, "a thriller is a story about losing everything you hold dear; it's your world turned upside down." Once you have figured out what people hold dear (money, children or personal safety), you have a story to tell!

Amazing - both the author and the woman!

I was also curious as to what novels she recommends I read, seeing as though we have similar tastes in books. And she recommended the following authors:

  1. Belinda Bauer
  2. S J Watson
  3. M J McGrath
  4. David Mark
  5. Gillian Flynn
  6. Megan Abbott

I'll be hunting down their books and will pass on any good "finds" to you!


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