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Male Panel - Insight from the Male Mind

The guys have given us more quirky insight from the male mind to ponder about.

Question 1: My husband has told me not to get worked up about the fact that there were two strippers at a Bachelor's Party he went to recently - but I am so upset about it! What do you guys think - is there really no reason for us girls to feel this way? 

Joe: He could have very easily hidden it from you. If he was up to mischief, you wouldn't have found out. But either way, you shouldn't feel betrayed. You shouldn't get jealous either. As long as he comes home to you, he's still yours. This was just a woman trying pay for her rent. We should all support entrepreneurship.

Carl: Shame on you! Strippers are just regular girl-next-door types trying to make an honest living using nothing but their god-given charm and conversational skills. How dare you judge them? Stop being so prudish, lighten up and send your husband to as many bachelor parties as possible. Better yet, why not join him at a strip club. You might learn something to spice up your boring love life.

Peter: No, of course you should get upset. You should fume. Men love really good conversationalists, and these strippers are all graduates of Kiev University and have Philosophy degrees. The last bachelor party I went to, I had the most fulfilling time discussing The Neo-Sisyphusistic Paradigm in Eastern European Political Fiction 1957 - 1998, with specific reference to the short stories of Igor Rostropovitch. When I got home, my wife wanted to talk about Siegfried Sassoon's Fox Hunting trilogy - again... - but I was too tired. There's only so much cerebral stimulation a middle-aged man can deal with in one night, you know.

Steve: I know of guys who’ve found themselves single because they went to a bachelor party where they had no idea that an exotic dancer (I think that’s the politically correct term) would be present. I also know of grooms-to-be who’ve had a few drinks and slept with a self-appointed-orgasm-dispenser (prostitute seems an unkind word) so I do understand the concern. The thing is, if you are with someone who has no problem spending time in the sack with other women, he’d do it regardless of her profession. She could be an accountant who specialises in doing the books for other accountants, the most un-sexy profession on the planet, but if she hinted that she was keen that type of guy would still want to find out more about the double entry system. It comes down to whether you trust your partner or not. Besides, exotic dancers usually focus their attention on the bachelor or groomsmen. It’s a bit disappointing really.

 Question2: What do you think about physically meeting someone you met through the Internet?

 Joe: Apart from the logical safety precautions you would have taken, I don't think you should worry. Life is hard enough - the internet is a convenient way to meet people you could be happy with. There's more chance of success because you've screened the person beforehand. He or she isn't someone you're taking a chance on in a nightclub on looks alone.

Carl: Personally I prefer shopping for partners in bars. It saves time and you get to see the real person behind the façade after a few drinks. But, go for it. Relationships are about taking risks. What’s the worst that can happen? ‘Cept maybe getting mutilated and murdered by a knife-wielding psychopath.

Peter: This is a tricky one. Depends which facility on the internet, obviously. I'd happily meet those girls on and but I have one question regarding the internet dating sites that you see in the bottom right hand corner of news24... if you're all that pretty and active and healthy and kind to animals and have all your own teeth and stuff, why the HELL do you still need to find a boyfriend? Is it bad breath? Do you fart like a horse in the morning? What? So the short answer is no. I quite like fantasising about pretty silent chicks and feel no compulsion to meet you.

Steve: Nothing wrong with online dating though you do need to use certain BS filters. If her profile says, “I have a naughty side” it could mean she has some leather bondage gear in her cupboard, or that she rings her neighbour's doorbell and runs away because “she” is actually “he,” a 16 year old geek who, upon realising he will never get a date due to tragic lack of personality, decides to mess with people who really are online trying to meet people. There are pitfalls, but online dating doesn’t deserve the stigma it has. The horror stories you hear are from people who would fall for BS in social situations.



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