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Male Panel - From the minds of men

The guys give us yet another humorous look into the male mind.


There is something that always confuses me when it comes to women - why is it that women always pursue men that treat them badly, while at the same time disregarding men that treat them like a Goddess? What's the male point of view?

Joe: The guys who treat them badly are the same set of guys who have a strong personality and ooze confidence. The guys who would place a woman on a pedestal are the same set of guys who are sweet, sensitive and humble. Be the man that her instincts tell her will protect her and her future children. 

Carl: It’s the Herd Mentality. Women are hardwired to compete for the affection of the dominant male.

Peter: Who the hell wants to be a goddess, woman? You sit around on clouds all day putting away lashings of ambrosia and nectar, and firing thunderbolts at passing peasants. If that's your idea of what life is about, get a seat in parliament - but bring me a beer from the fridge on your way out. And don't slam the - oh be like that then, you permanently pre-menstrual saggy-titted old tart.

Steve: Men are just as confounded by this. It seems to be that nice guys (or people in general) get trampled on.

Would it upset you to know that your partner reveals the full details of your sex life to her best friend?

Joe: Yes, unless you're fantastic in bed and her best friend might be persuaded to join in. But this isn't a porno, so don't talk about your sex life. Only awkward dinner parties can result from that.

Carl: It wouldn’t be any surprise at all. In fact I usually insist on it. It makes it easier to pull into her friends when the relationship ends. 

Peter: In theory, probably yes. But in fact, there's nothing to reveal. This tomb is empty. The Grim Reaper came and robbed the grave...

Steve: It depends, am I Hercules in these tales? And how hot is her friend?


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