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Layered Salad

This rather fab-looking salad takes a bit of preparation time, but is well worth the effort. Make it as big, or as small as you like, and change the layers according to your own tastes. The key is to serve it in a bowl that shows off your incredible culinary skills!


Suggestions for layer

  • Lettuce – shredded 
  • Celery – cubed 
  • Green Peppers – diced
  • Baby Marrows – sliced
  • Onions – diced (or use Spring Onions). Pack in layers, or toss if you prefer.
  • Add a layer of Grated Carrots. Cheese is also good (maybe a layer of drained Feta or Cheddar.)
  • Add 2 cups Frozen Peas (or as much as needed to cover carrot layer). Note: rinse off ice and drain, but don’t cook!
  • Last layer is a thick layer of Mayonnaise, topped with chopped, crispy Bacon and grated hard-boiled Eggs, number again depending on bowl size. Tip: I prefer to add mayo and eggs shortly before serving, otherwise it can lose the layered look and appears “mushy”.
  • Cover and leave to stand overnight.
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