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I had such big plans for this year....


Seriously. HUGE plans.

  • I was going to lose 5kgs (yes, again) and instead I have gained 4kgs (800g baby weight and 3.2kgs from party-sized bags of Nik Naks).

  • This year was going to be all about old-school creativity – knitting, crocheting, quilt making, and a foray into the world of home made preserves and jam. Instead, I have created an alarmingly low bank balance thanks to our renovations.
  • Kayla and I were going to learn how to cook together. Instead, we continue to keep Stephen company while he shows off in the kitchen each night. (We do bake though. Does that count?)
  • Exercise was going to become a regular part of my life. Sadly though, I have only managed a few bicep curls. In the form of shoving Nik Naks down my throat.
  • Stephen and I were going to spend more time together. Instead, we have begun watching Zombie Movies and Disturbingly Violent Films, which I hope is not symbolic of our relationship.

On the upside though, we have managed to get through almost an entire year without forgetting to fetch our daughter from school, attempting to murder each other over ownership of the TV remote, a (relatively) stable marriage despite some hairy renovations that brought out the VERY worst in Stephen (and the very best in me), and a new baby due in February. So all in all, it’s been a pretty good year so far.

And as for next year – I plan to survive. And sleep. Mostly sleep...

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