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Hi My Name is Shelli and I Am Addicted To Storage...

I don't know WHAT is up with me at the moment, but I have developed a rather strange obsession with storage solutions! If I was a deep and meaningful person, I might start wondering if this sudden need to create order and calm in my house is a reaction to the emotional chaos a new baby can bring. But the truth is that I just LOVE the feeling of satisfaction a tidy cupboard can bring! (Hey, I never said I was NORMAL, did I?)

Anyway, look what JUST arrived in the post. Gorgeous "closet dividers" that you hang on a clothing rail to separate various items. I got these sweet owl-themed ones for Isabella's room (so that I no longer need to spend ages peering at labels to see what will fit her), as well as some sea-themed ones for Kayla's cupboard to divide her clothes into "School, Dresses, Pants, T-Shirts and Jackets".

Too cute - and so inexpensive. Love them!

closet small.jpg

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