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Damn You Autocorrect. AGAIN.

So, after the horrendously embarrassing "Masterchef/ Masturbate" debacle last week, you would think that I had learnt my lesson about sending text messages without proofreading them first.

Apparently not.

Here is a word-for-word transcript of a conversation between me and my friend Kirsty on Saturday morning....

Me: Can I help with school lifts on Monday so that you have extra time to study?

Kirsty: That is so kind of you but I have already got them sorted for lifts. The girls would have loved it though!

Me: Oh good. But PLEASE feel free to shit if you need any help.

Kirsty: Okaaaaay.

Me: Erm ... I mean shout. Not shit.

Kirsty: You have made my day!

Let's just hope that's the last time I embarrass myself via SMS!


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