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Damn You Autocorrect. AGAIN.

So, after the horrendously embarrassing "Masterchef/ Masturbate" debacle last week, you would think that I had learnt my lesson about sending text messages without proofreading them first.

Apparently not.

Things to Make You Giggle

I just had to share this fresh batch of funnies with you!

Hilarious Product Reviews!

Men do the darndest things, usually at the urging of their buddies, and with clear disapproval from us women. These reviews were submitted by gents who decided to try out Veet hair removal cream for Men. (Ensure you have tissues close by because you WILL cry... with laughter).

Rolling on the Floor Laughing

Can't stop laughing at these halarious funnies! 

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laugh Of The Week

Laugh it off!

I just had to share these Friday Funnies with you. Go on have a good snort!

Fabulous Funnies

Animals do the darndest things. Have a break and chuckle at these oh-so-funny bites of comedy!

WTF of The Day

I have so many questions about this dress that I actually don’t know where to begin...

Friday Funnies

Some Friday Funnies to get your weekend started!