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Giggle of the Week

Here is this week's selection of funny pictures to get you off to a laughing start into the weekend!

Something to Tickle the Funny Bone!

Here are this week's funny picture picks to give you a little giggle in your step to start the weekend!

Sh*T My Kids Ruined - So Brilliant!

If you have kids then you probably also have a few photos JUST like these! Shit My Kids Ruined post hilarious proof of their kids' destruction. These are some of my favourite from the site but don't forget to check out the rest too!

Funny S**T Gordon Ramsay Said

You've got to love Gordon Ramsay... sure his harsh tactics strike fear into the hearts of aspiring young chefs but it's incredibly funny to watch when you're not the one being screamed at. His outbursts have become so iconic that it's sparked a series of memes online. Here are some of my favourite Gordon Ramsay outbursts. 

A Laugh a day, keeps the Blues away!

Laughter is always the best way to lift your spirits! So, here are some funnies to make your day!

Giggles Galore!

Here are some funny pictures to give you that much needed giggle after a long and hard week!

Tickle Your Funny Bone!

To get you into the mood for the weekend, have a good laugh with this week's pick of funnies! 

Reasons My Son Is Crying Tumblr – The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today!

if you have ever seen a small child sobbing uncontrollably and wondered what could possibly illicit that kind of response, then you have to check out this hilarious photographic series on Tumblr.

These genius parents have chronicled their son in varying crying stages, and have posted the reasons for each cry-fest. Seriously kid - First World problems!

We have included a few snippets below, and encourage you to view the full post here. This is such a brilliant idea for a 21st!

The Funniest Complaint Letter Ever!

This is probably the funniest complaint letter of all time. The disgruntled passenger fired off the rant to Sir Richard after a disastrous flight from Mumbai to Heathrow a few years ago. 

Laugh yourself silly!

It is said that laughter is the best stress reliever, so here are some funnies to lift the stress of the week off your shoulders!