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Proof That Wine Is Good For You!

My GFK (Good Friend Kerry) sent this to me and I loved it so much I just HAD to share it with you! Needless to say, I shall be chatting to my pharmacist real soon!

A Laughing Start To The Weekend!

To start off your weekend, here are some funny pictures to lift the stress off of your shoulders after a long and busy week!

Laugh Out Loud!

Here are this week's funny pictures to give you a great giggle or two after a long week!

Just for Giggles

What is a laugh? A smile that bursts! Such a corny joke! Anyway, here are this week's funny picture picks to give you a little giggle, minus the corniness.

Friday's Fabulous Funnies!

Take a look at this week's funny pictures to give you a laugh after a stressful week! As they say, a good laugh can cure anything!

Giggle of the Day

Looking at funny pictures is always a great way to give yourself a giggle to cheer you up. So here are our picks!


Turn that Frown Upside Down!

Here are my funny picture picks for this week to leave you smiling from ear to ear!

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Your Friday Giggle!

Life is too short to be taken seriously, so here are a few more funnies upon which to feast!

Just for Laughs

They say 'laughter is the best medicine', so here are my funny picture picks of the week to perk you up for the weekend!

Laugh of the Week!

After a long week at the office, it's time to kick back, relax and embrace the weekend! Here are my funny pictures picks to get you off to a happy start!