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Always Wear Underwear

It's always a given to wear underwear. The main reason being to avoid those embarrassing moments that just might unexpectedly happen. This poor guy is a good example! 


What Moms Really Mean

All moms know about Momisms. You know? Those little phrases we use with our kids to conceal criticism, to get a moments silence to regain a fraction of our sanity? Or simply because we have no clue what our child just said and have absolutely no clue how to answer it? Well, here is a list of Momisms translated to give you a bit of a laugh.

Getting the Hang of Parenting

Parenting is one of the biggest learning curves you will ever encounter! Sure, it may be filled with trial and error in some cases, but it's definitely a fun ride! Take a look at these sweetly funny pictures of people who are nailing this parenting thing!

Why do I even bother?

I have to admit that I have been incredibly lucky with my first child - and other than that horrific time when she painted the beautiful dark hardwood floors in her bedroom YELLOW (and almost met St Peter at The Pearly Gates two minutes later), I really haven't had a moment's trouble with her. But recently, I have begun to see a slight form of rebellion in that she will do the absolute bare minimum required while still doing as she is told.

Bella's Nursery

I thought I would share my Little Black Book when it comes to decorating Bella's nursery - on a very small budget!

Do Not Underestimate Childbirth!

This is so funny! These two men set out to prove that women exaggerate the pain of childbirth - with hilarious consequences!

Giving Birth is SO Labour-intensive!

We are just days away from meeting Baby NT v2.0 - and I can't seem to stop thinking about the day Kayla was born seven years ago. (Let's just say that my plans of having a natural drug-free birth lasted for about... 5 minutes ... before I turned into a screaming banshee that demanded drugs. All of them. Immediately.) Here's what happened...

Photos of Bella - Cute Overload

I first discovered Vivid Images Photography through a friend of mine a few years ago, and quickly booked a family photo shoot for Stephen, Kayla and I. Let me tell you that I have NEVER had such wonderful photos taken - ever. Jacqui Whyte somehow manages to capture the heart and soul of a family, while also capturing your very best side. We now have the photos all over the house, and even used them for Christmas Cards and gift tags. She is just phenomenal!

Are our kids doing too much?

It's amazing how different my perspective is as a mom versus my teaching days a few years back! Before I had Kayla, I would have happily preached for hours on the importance of homework and extra murals. Whereas now, I wonder if we are depriving our children of the chance to just PLAY. This week alone, Kayla has had netball, hockey and two sessions of karate, not to mention at least an hour of homework a day - and she is so completely shattered at the end of it all that she can barely crawl off the couch at 7pm to go and brush her teeth.

Am I Mad for Wanting Another One?


So here's the thing - I am so broody that it's frightening. Which  makes no sense whatsoever because I actually HAVE a baby who is just 12 weeks old. What on earth am I thinking?