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Another Insightful Update from Our Male Panel

The Male Panel inform us on their thoughts about what adds that little bit of strain to a relationship and whether or not monogamy is outdated.

What causes the most stress in your relationship with your partner/ previous partner?

Steve: Other women, or the fact that she assumes that I want to sleep with other women I work or come into contact with. If she knew precisely how bad my track record with women is she’d have no reason to be concerned. In fact, she’d probably encourage me to hit on her friends. For comedic value.

Joe: The most stress with my partner is due to previous partners. My girlfriend went ballistic when I ran into an old school FRIEND!  She assumed it was an ex-girlfriend. Maybe I shouldn't have hugged that girl so tight... my bad perhaps. 

Carl:  Her steadfast refusal to arrange threesomes with her sexy friends. I even tried to compromise by saying that I would just watch, but she was adamant that it wasn’t going to happen. Sadly I had to break up with her in the end. There was obviously no future with someone who was so selfish that she would even deprive her good friends of joy and satisfaction.

Peter: Funnily enough, my previous wife is Godmother to my adult children, and she and my current wife are far too friendly for it to bode much good. But no, that’s less stressful than the whole money issue. Misers should never marry spendthrifts – even if the spendthrifts have great legs and a cute butt. And then there’s the sex. Yes, always the sex. “I don’t feel like it” just doesn’t cut it anymore. BUT... when I get told to make a cup of tea or wash the dishes or pick up the doggy doo, do you SERIOUSLY think “I don’t feel like it” is accepted as a valid excuse?

Has the concept of monogamy become outdated? Or doesn't it bother you that marriage involves only sleeping with one woman for the rest of your life? 

Steve: Interestingly, members of the animal kingdom are more inclined towards polygamy than monogamy. I’m human enough to want a microwave and TV but animal enough to wonder whether marriage is the way forward. I vote for monogamy in a relationship, but don’t feel we should allow culture to tie us into situations where neither party benefits. Unless those parties are open to the idea of a threesome with a hot friend. Or any friend for that matter (see previous answer regarding my track record).

Joe: Men need to be able to have a few women, but we're not ready to allow the reverse to be true. The Arabs got a good thing going with their 4 wives each (the Zulus too). That's enough variety to keep things fresh. The concept of the man being large and in-charge looking after his family (or harem) needs to come back. Women should work because they want to, not because they have to.

Carl: The concept of monogamy has always been obsolete. Whorehouses have been around for centuries and any hooker will tell you that 90% of their clients are married men. (BTW, they will also tell you that most of the time all the poor guy wants is a BJ because he can’t get it from his prudish wife. Suck dick ladies – it keeps ‘em at home).

Peter: There is only one logical response to this question: look at the animal kingdom. The males lurk Out There on their own, until it’s time to come in and pomp the chicks. I can find no fault with this reasoning.


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